By the way, private security spending on systems like this is expected to be over $1 TRILLION through 2021. 

Which is why a company like China’s SenseTime (facial recognition software) is valued at $4,500,000,000!

This company is VSBLTY (VSBY:CSE). VSBLTY has recently gone public (with a market cap 112x smaller than SenseTime). We are offering an advantage that any profit oriented business looking to build a security system will find hard to resist.

Here’s why:

Like Google Crushed Print Advertising, VSBLTY’s Technology Could Crush This $28,000,000,000 Advertising Market

An ad in a bus stop is an example of an OOH display (out of home).

Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonalds all spend big bucks on OOH formats.  In 2018, the total global OOH spend was $28 billion.

Naturally, Digital OOH (digital out of home) displays are quickly stealing that show. Think of a bus stop ad but on a flat screen TV.

Advancing things further, VSBLTY adds cameras, machine vision and artificial intelligence so advertisers can create interactive displays that can:

Because VSBLTY is unique in that it offers advanced digital signage with security features. Large, commercial venues can offset their security costs by increasing their marketing revenues by selling premium VSBLTY digital display advertising with AI and analytics.

The same signage that is powering their security!

This offer is extremely enticing.

Gaining first mover advantage is top priority. Jay Hutton (CEO) has assembled an all-star sales team to secure long-term SaaS contracts globally.

Just take a look:

What Will Make VSBLTY's Stock Rise?

Fred Potok - Chief Sales Officer 

Founder of Floorgraphics (an instore advertising company). In just 4 and a half years Fred grew Floorgraphics sales from $1 M (1997) to $70M (2001). Fred’s work caught the eye of Forbes Magazine which ranked Floorgraphics as the 11th fastest growing privately held company in 2003.

Linda Rosanio - COO 

With a rich history in buying and planning point-of-sale advertising, billboards and other forms of media. Linda launched her own agency growing it over 30 years to 230 people with $100M in sales.

Interested In Investing? Do This.

VSBLTY trades on the CSE under the symbol VSBY or you can find it on the Frankfurt exchange under 5VS or on the OTC under the symbol VSBGF.

While you consider investing, join the VSBLY investor education program. You will be kept up to date on new contracts, research and critical news smart investors want to know as it happens.

Join the list now while this is on your mind.  You’ll be sent 3 emails over the course of 2 weeks giving you an easy to understand overview of VSBLTY’s business from an investors point of view, including videos of VSBLTY’s technology in action.

After that, you’ll get updates once every 7 to 14 days. We are not professional stock promoters and DO not share your email address with anyone.

You can leave a phone # to ask questions directly to VSBLTY's Investor Relations team.

Mighty oaks were once seeds. This seed has sprouted. Any serious growth investor should follow VSBLTY now.


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The Next BIG Artificial Intelligence Stock Story?

Blending Artificial Intelligence and Cutting Edge Machine Vision — big companies are waiting in line to use this SaaS company’s technology RIGHT now to...

Upload photos of terrorists, gang members or other bad actors and have camera systems pick them out in busy crowds and alert security. (Uses in airports, schools, stadiums, smart city surveillance and more)

Use cameras to detect in a split second when a weapon is being pulled out in a crowd and alert security - can detect any weapon type out — even in a crowd of a thousand people!

Enable store cameras to detect repeat shoplifters or problem people and alert security ahead of time.

Measure emotions, gender, age and other demographic information.

Measure and objectively improve a digital sign’s MAGNETISM which is the ability to grab attention, interact and increase sales. For instance, in a test with a client — VSBLTY’s signage technology increased sales of a high margin product by 25% and above. Imagine being a large retail store with the ability to add an extra $5 to $25 in revenue for every person who walks in the door.

25% sales lift in test case with VSBLTY proactive display for $100+ items

Is the observer a man or a woman? Depending on who, VSBLTY software can change the ad and measure their response to the ad.

Detect micro-expressions and understand if the person is feeling anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise.

Patent Pending Technical Wizardry

Under the technical wizardry of Tim Huckaby (25 -year microsoft engineering veteran) whose technology drives John King's “Magic Wall” on election night for CNN, VSBLTY has built cost effective, patent pending digital signage advertising and security solutions that no one else offers right now!

Allows event marketers or a chain of stores to track WHO is coming through their doors — men, women, children and much more.

Gives marketers the tools to measure with accuracy a return on marketing investment in digital signage (measurability is the REASON why online advertising has swallowed advertising spend)

Create digital signs you can interact with like you would on a smart phone (touch, swipe, drag and more).

Privacy law compliant — VSBLTY’s architecture and implementation are fully GDPR compliant, with GDPR compliant versions of both the VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ software modules 

The stock is brand new (February 2019 listing date). The valuation of SaaS companies often increase with more clients and increased revenue. Here's why this is important right now.

Unique Competitive Advantage That Closes Deals

$1 M in sales to $70 M in 4 years

Media Agency Growth from 0 to $100M in sales and 230 employees

Two former FBI agents brought on as advisors to help secure government, retail and large event security contracts.

Jeff Muller 

Managed all national and international counter-measures and prevention activities for the Bureau’s National Security Branch, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Directorate and developed customized integrated technology programs to secure the 18 sectors of U.S. Critical Infrastructure.

Jim DiOrio 

Has an extensive background in high-risk, complex, military and government environments. DiOrio is experienced in all levels of event security and risk assessments.

3M to $200M in annual sales

C. Patrick Kroc Advisor

Former VP of News America Marketing, led a 3000+ employee retail merchandising field force and developed a shopper marketing sales initiative that grew from $3M to more than $200M in annual sales.

As an Advisor, Mr. Kroc provides invaluable direction in capturing new sales contracts.

Look for VSBLTY's technology at these active deployments